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Burning Man/San Pedro Cactus in Bloom/Restored Railway Caboose/Tough Ford Van

I came into San Francisco early this morning. At Caffe Roma (in North Beach), my friend Rod Freebairn-Smith brought his Mac laptop to where I was sitting and turned on a 240-photo slide show for me, of this year's Burning Man. It was spectacular. It captured the event, the people, and the constructions way better than anything I've seen.

I just downloaded some photos from my pocket (Olympus Stylus 800) camera here in the cafe. Here are a few random shots:

San Pedro cactus blooming this week in our garden. A heavenly scent fills the air as night approaches. Bees are all over the blossoms during the day.

Restored caboose I shot last night in Duncan Mills along the Russian River

Caboose interior

Tough road warrior van photographed early this morning on a steep street in North Beach. It was a Ford Triton V-8, looked like 4-wheel drive, a serious vehicle