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Photoshop Wizardry On Worth1000 Website

Worth1000.com had a contest for creatively manipulating a photograph of an ordinary bathroom. Here is the "falling man" entry, which has been forwarded around the Internet recently, but with wrong information.

You open the door to the bathroom and fall into space.

To get the straight scoop, along with some 20 versions of wonderful Photoshop ingenuity, check out Worth1000.com.

Let It Bleed: Mick and Keith Ripped Off Robert Johnson

Let It Bleed is one of my favorite rock and roll records. Of course it would be: the first track is "Gimme Shelter." The second track, "Love in Vain," is a beautiful song. "Well I followed her to the station, with a suit case in my haind…" The other day I was listening to Robert Johnson — The Complete Recordings, Columbia/Legacy C2K64916 — and heard the original (done in two versions) by RJ in the 1930s. Wow! I always thought the Stones wrote it. So I looked at Let It Bleed: "All selections written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards." Hmmm. I wonder what other Stones songs may have been appropriated without credit to the original artist.
The Robert Johnson twin-CD set is stunning. I've had it around for a while, but really only HEARD it for the first time the other day as I was driving along the coast. His songs are each perfect, elegant, just the guy and his guitar, Delta blues. His influence is enormous. Eric Clapton called him "the most important blues musician who ever lived." See the writeup on RJ in Wikipedia, Robert Johnson in Wikipedia

And hey Mick and Keith, how about giving credit where due in reprints of the Let It Bleed. Also back royalties to family or relatives (if they exist) of Robert Johnson.