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Builders of the Pacific Coast: Alastair Heseltine's Woodpile

I'm working full blast on my next major book on builders, Builders of the Pacific Coast. Alastair Heseltine is a sculptor living on an island in British Columbia who does exquisite weavings with willows and other plants. Some of his creations are with living plants. We are doing two pages on his work. Here is his witty woodpile for 2007 (being reduced in size as we speak for winter heating):

Seasonal sculpture: 50 ft. x 12 ft. split firewood. "This big pile was completed in September and started going into the stove piece by piece in October." ©2007 Alastair Heseltine

Alastair's website showcases the variety of his unique creations:http://www.alastairheseltine.com/