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Book With 1200 Photos Coming Up/Dervish Bamboo Skateboard/Three Birds in the Garden

So much is going on in my life right now I have a hard time finding time to blog. In a hurry:

1. My book on Canadian carpenters is in the final weeks (of a 3-year odyssey). Two days ago I finished a 4-page last-minute addition of curved-rib saunas that I think are the best pages in the book. I'm reworking the intro for the 20th time and doing cover layouts. Rick has almost finished doing color separations (of some 1200 photos). After agonizing over paper choices for a few months, we picked Somerset Matte (with 10% recycled content) as our paper; it's a beautiful paper. The book is gonna be made in the USA.

2. I just got my best skateboard ever.

Dervish" model: note how trucks mount above deck, giving you a lower center of gravity

The decks on Loaded boards are made out of thin layers of laminated bamboo. They're springy and the good riders accelerate by pushing down with each turn and rebounding, pushing the board forward. These are unique boards. get on one and you'll be hooked. Cruisin' with style. You guys in yr. 40s and 50s who have skated in the past and given it up: like surfing, skateboarding has continued to evolve. The decks, wheels, trucks keep getting better. Check out Loaded boards at: http://www.loadedboards.com/. The Purple Skunk longboard skate shop on Geary at 23rd in San Francisco has a bunch of these you can try out.

3. A few birds in my life lately:

Great Blue Heron. These are ultra wary birds. I was reading in our 2nd story bedroom and he coasted into the deck; never knew I was there.

Mourning Dove

American Goldfinch

4. "The things I used to do/I don't do no more."
On the radio Saturday was an interview Mike Bloomfield did with old Chicago blues master Robert Nighthawk in the '60s.
Bloomfield: "Have you ever done religious music?"
Nighthawk: "Well, I don't like workin' for two different men — pause — You know, I work for the devil now."