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End (Well, Practically) of 3-Week Road Trip

Above: view from Tom Chudleigh's quite unbelievable spherical treehouse in the woods, where I spent last Sunday night

It's a rainy night in Vancouver, and I'm just about done with 3 weeks on the road promoting my new book, Builders of the Pacific Coast. Mama Mia, has this been a wild ride! 1200+ miles in my 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 truck, 11 slide show/book signings in 11 towns/cities, hanging out with my wonderful Canadian friends once again, getting inspiring feedback on this book and our building books in general, trying to keep my act together singlehandedly, having a two-week long cold, and making some amazingly dumb mistakes along the way (more on that later), but all in all an amazing trip and fitting conclusion to the making of this book, which began over 3 years ago.

Even more than usual, I have a ton of stuff to tell you about. The "I Am A Camera" faculty of my brain continues to generate endless photos and as usual, my encounters with life on the road have been rich in encounters and experiences. Over the next week I'll try to get stuff up on the blog. I'm going to skip being linrear; much more fluid and fun that way.

Below are a few more photos of Tom's sphere, where I had a wonderful night hanging in the trees and the next day dreamily looking out at the misty woods through the circular windows.

Above: the sphere is 10-1/2 feet in diameter and paneled with teak.

Above: Door is curved to the sphere's curve, opens on these arms on the right; the 4-way latch uses bronze castings that Tom made himself

More (and info on renting it for the night) at: http://www.freespiritspheres.com/