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Bougainvillea in San Francisco yesterday

In the Mission district in San Francisco yesterday. As often, it was sunny in the Mission and foggy at the beach.

Vermont, 2005 - #4

Dave Sellers' shop

Vermont, 2005 - #3

John Connell's home

Barefoot Architect cheers up Devin in South Africa

In this mornings email:
It's Devin from Durban, South Africa here....
Just a note to say thanks:
About a week ago I took a drive up the coast to check out a small town I hadn't been to in years... shockingly the place had been completely taken over by shopping malls and mile after mile of upmarket housing estates.... major bummer. Bad mood settling in, I stopped for a coffee and checked out a local bookshop. Only to discover..... The Barefoot Architect! Instant transformative power! A complete antidote to the crap that had ruined a town/whole stretch of coastline. A good mood ensued and it was only after getting home that I realised it was a shelter book (I've got Shelter, Homework, and my dad's old copy of Shelter 2).
Keep up the great work!


Vermont, 2005 - #2

Mortise and tenon framework for tiny house at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield, Vermont

Nice roof framing detail

3-bedroom, 2 bath cottage Athens Georgia $215,000

SETTING: This cottage (2,125 square feet) is in a residential neighborhood just across the Oconee River from the University of Georgia and downtown Athens.… There are walking and biking trails along the river, about two blocks away, and 2 parks within 6 or 7 blocks…The cottage is divided into 2 apartments, one on main level and one at basement level.

CONTACT: fullcircleathens.com

From NYTimes, July 13, 2010: http://is.gd/dzBDz

Vermont, 2005 - #1

I'm going to post a bunch of pics from Vermont, 2005.

Mud-spattered muscle truck in Sierras Saturday

My son Evan discovered what's going to be the most unique tiny house in our book. Pentagonal in plan, immaculately built, unique in dozens of highly crafted features, this world-class snowboarder's wilderness cabin is a stunner. I mean, Louis Frazier (Home Work) and Lloyd House (Builders of the Pacific Coast) will love this place. We went up to the Sierras to shoot photos and do an interview, and on the way back spotted this truck in Colfax, with these two young backroads spirits. Click on pic to get bigger size.

Monday morning reggae/Dave Sellers, John Connell, Yestermorrow School in Vermont 2005/blogger's "Duh" moments mid-July 2010

I've had a couple of those lightbulb-on moments of late:
1. In preparing for my tiny house book, I started looking over my photo archives. Wow! I've got a lot of good stuff. I'd forgotten. All the creative building going on out there.
2. I was planning to go to the Frankfurt book fair in October, then take 10 days to Istanbul and the coast of Turkey. Yesterday — flash — I need to stay here and get this book done. A two-week trip actually knocks me off schedule by about a month, since I can't help shooting pictures and reporting wherever I go, and then must unload it upon return. Plus take care of all the brilliant ideas I've made note of while traveling (most of which don't get carried out).
3. I'm starting to get more feedback on this blog, some of it critical. We like your blog Lloyd, but:
-a) Stay out of politics. You're wrong in calling it Arizona's hate law.
-b) Growing pot indoors hydroponically is fine.
-c) Stop knocking Dwell magazine
-d) Shame on you for printing color books in China
Criticism is welcome, no kiddin..Keeps me on my toes, but much as I'd like to respond, I need to focus on forward movement.
Today we started out socked in with fog from the sea. Started to clear around 10, now the sky is blue, with floating patches of low wispy fog, perfect temperature, Gregory Isaacs singing "Willow Tree" as I write this, a lovely song.

Wow! I'd forgotten this little Green Mountains beauty.

I just happened to run across photos I shot in the Green Mountains of Vermont in 2005, when I visited architects Dave Sellers and John Connell, the Yestermorrow school of building, and environs. I'll post a bunch of these. Dave and his pals are in a vortex of creative architecture.
Hound Dog Taylor doing Give Me Back My Wig. I can't hold still…

House on its own island

This photo is from Ian Cortisine's book, 1000 Islands. Photos of this area, which extends from both sides of the US and Canada border along the St. Lawrence River and the eastern shores of Lake Ontario.  A fascinating labyrinth of islands.

Sculptural building in Colombia

There are 7 pics of this place on strangebuildings.com. Architect, builder, owner: "unknown."

Mortise and tenon frame of timber house from early America

Another drawing from Shelter. Looks like the frame for a New England home.The drawing tells you a lot. This was reprinted from The History of Notable American Houses, by Cal Sacks.