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Crystal Crown of Tower

Our hexagonal tower with its new shake roof. Shakes hand-split by Bruno Atkey on Vancouver Island, applied by Billy Cummings (I was recovering from a wrist operation). There's a 6-sided copper cap, a piece of 3/4" copper pipe, which is flared out at the end and holds a quartz crystal from Nepal (that I got at the Green Festival in San Francisco). If you're standing in the right spot at the right time of day, it sparkles in the sunshine. (Got the idea from my friend Louie Frazier.)

Outdoor/Indoor Sleeping

Lew discovered this great sleeping platform on http://thistinyhouse.com. I traced it back to http://is.gd/eFdz4, but there's no indication of where it is, or who shot the photo. I might just build something like this. The roof keeps fog and dew off the bed, yet the steep angle allows you to see a lot of the sky. Can anyone track this down?

Couple Seeking Bona Fide Inexpensive Eco-Opportunity In New England

Dear Lloyd Kahn and Co.,
My 45 year-old English husband, who has a log house-building qualification from the Log and Timber School in Vancouver, and I, a 35 year-old New Yorker with excellent knowledge of gardening and gathering wild foods (notably the growing of herbal plants), are looking for a suitable training opportunity to commence as soon as possible.

Melting in the Heat/Feather in the Air/Layouts on the Drafting Table

Yesterday was brutal. 100º. Us Northern Calif. coastal people are weather wimps. If it's 90 we start melting. If it's 35, we get frostbite. So this 3-day heat wave, where it went from high 40's (at night) to 60º higher, was a shock. Lew and I worked in the office yesterday, whew! At the end of the day I went down to the beach. The water coming out of the lagoon was relatively warm, maybe 60s, and I stood waist-deep in the cool water. The stress of the day vapoorized. Dove in, body cooled. A young local surfer/skater bro came walking by in the shallows, and said, "Paradise!"

A few days ago, some doves flew off when Lesley walked out to feed the chickens, and she reached up and grabbed a feather in mid-air that was floating down. Very delicate little 2" feather. Seemed like a good omen.

Here's a rough photo of some rough layouts of the tiny houses book. I am having fun!

Round House for Sale in Vermont

I am selling the 20 sided house that I built in Topham, VT ten years ago. The house is almost round and has great southern exposure with lots of windows on the south side. It has a massive central chimney made of old concrete road culvert tiles that holds heat well and distributes it throughout the space. The main timbers for walls, floors and roof are softwood poles harvested locally. The top floor is wide pine boards, with some 24" boards. The sole source of heat is a woodstove and the water for the clawfoot tub is heated by a gas fired on-demand hot water heater. Water is gravity fed and comes from a spring.

Joe Golden

Traditional Stilt House in Western Greece

Traditional stilt house in the lagoon of Messolongi, Western Greece. Until 1700, Messolonghi was under the control of Venice. Its inhabitants were mostly fishermen who lived in cabins called "pelades, "made of a kind of waterproof straw and reed and standing on stilts above the water.

Oh what a beautiful morning!/Silver Seabright Chickens

The weather completely changed yesterday. After two months of fog every day (since July 4th), the fog bank receded out into the ocean, and it got warm. It's warmer today. This morning I hauled myself out of bed and walked over to the cliffs to watch the sunrise. The air smells delicious.
I've got rough layouts of 22 pages on the tiny house done now. Doing these layouts is my favorite part of my work. It took about a year to assemble all this information, and now there's momentum going in putting it together. This is going to be a great book!
I fell in love with Silver Seabright chickens at a county fair a couple of years ago and now we're raising a good number of them. This is one of our teenagers. On Saturday, I offed 4 teenage roosters, one we had for dinner that night, and three are in the freezer. We've also got about 28 juveniles (3 months old), and that will mean about another 14 roosters for the freezer when they start fighting with each other in a couple of months. We try to keep the ratio of one rooster to every 12 hens.

“Kiitcha” Traditional Native Housing California Indians

Made of willow branches and tule leaves, these were the dwellings of the Acjachemen Indians in the San Juan Capistrano area in California (south Orange County). In front are "gossip rocks,' where women pounded acorns.

Display of Old Italian Farming & Carpentry Tools

"In Museo Guatelli's central room, a former granary, the collector's traditional farming implements have been intricately arranged into expansive, interlinked patterns."
It's from Museo Guatelli: http://www.museoguatelli.it/

Spotted this at: http://is.gd/ewKGx