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Two photos from French carpenter Yogan

Our friend Yogan just sent us this link to photos of a number of his projects in France: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=856784&id=1127561109

Yogan's website: http://yocharpentier.ifrance.com

Alexandra's Woodniks

A 4-year-old spectator checks out 12-year-old Alexandra Dean's little sculptures at the San Rafael Street Fair last night. Alexandra's website: http://www.woodniks.com/

Victorian Era Wooden Submarine

This submarine was built in 1858 by Spanish Engineer Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol to harvest coral.
"The pressure hull was constructed from olive wood, supported with oak rings, and covered in 2 mm of copper, and measured 4 metres (13 ft) long, 2 metres (6.6 ft) at its highest, and 1 metre (3.3 ft) wide.…For propulsion, Monturiol used hand-cranked propellers.…"
Sent us by Evan Kahn
(2nd boat on blog today.)

Velzy Paddleboard For Sale

Nice looking paddleboard on Craig's List, sent us by Brendan O'Connor.

"This is a Surftech produced 12 foot Stock Class Sprint Paddleboard designed by Dale Velzy. This board has the beautiful Mahogany wood deck inlay and an EVA rubber deck pad. It is a real rocket and is in great condition.
Paid $2000 new. $795. or reasonable offer.
Reply to waterman through this post: http://is.gd/fEFX6"

One Last Night on the Town

Where we live, we say we're "going over the hill" to mean coming over the mountain to the main part of Marin county, like Mill Valley or San Rafael. Today I came over to get a physical prior to a knee operation Monday. I want to get it over with so I can get back to running. Ah me. Turns out my rib was fractured, so upper and lower body have been on hold. When all this is over it'll be great to move thru space once again. Not being able to run, paddle, surf, or skateboard sucks to the extreme. Am I whining again?
I remembered that Thursday night is the San Rafael street fair, so have been wandering around taking pictures and listening to 2 good bands: Secret Lives, with a great female singer, and Key Lime Pie, hot hot hot. There is so much good music in the Bay Area. A little 12 year old girl had a booth and was selling little delicate sculptures she'd made. Has own webiste: woodniks.com. Will post pic tomorrow. I'm going to stick around to see what I hear is a great local rock & roll band at the fourth Street Tavern, so I!m having a smoothie in a cafe, and trying out posting from my iPad. For years I've been lugging a laptop around, always necessitating a backpack. Tonight I tried a lightweight media experiment. Wore my multiple-pocketed fishing vest, with Canon S90 camera and Sony Cybershot panoramic camera in pockets AND iPad in the large back pocket. iPhone in pants pocket. I'm a walking talking mobile media machine. Next step will be to load and transmit pix on the iPad. I have the connector, haven't utilized it yet.
The beauty of the iPad is the 3G connection. Anywhere there's a phone connection I'm on. (As now.)
This is about all the hi-tek stuff I need for a while. An "embarrassment of riches."

Film of 8-year-old Winning Dipsea Race This Year

Thanks to harkinna for sending me this link, showing 8-year-old Reilly Johnson winning this year's (100th anniversary) Dipsea race. The Dipsea is the oldest ross-country race in America, 7.2 miles from Mill Valley (Calif.), up 672 stairs, over a flank of Mt. Tamalpais, through canyons and fields to Stinson beach. It's an age-handicapped race: the older you are (or the younger, in Reilly's case), the more of a head start you get. I get the maximum head start of 23 minutes at my age (75), as did Melody Ann Schulz, a previous winner, and Reilly. (You can see me behind the 2 of them at the start.)

Hot Day Big Waves Whale Tail Fin on Beach

Hot day yesterday. After I finished my rounds in San Rafael, headed over the mountain and jumped in my regular creekside swimming hole, then on to Stinson Beach, where there were pounding waves; too big for surfers to make it out through the shorebreak. Tail fin of small whale on sand, below:
There seem to be a bunch of dead whales washing up on local beaches of late.

The Mighty Chiplings, 15-Yr-Old Bluegrass Band/Electric Dirtbike

This little band of 15-year-olds was an unexpected delight at SolFest. They started their bluegrass band at age(s) 11. Here are a couple of videos, one of them 2 years ago, at age(s) 13. Hire these kids for a party! email: terri.thiessen@motech.org.

Electric off-road bike. starfar@care2.com

Cool Water Swimming Hole Hot Day

Thursday afternoon, the river at Louie's, went skinny-dipping, lay in sun. It's about 7 ft. deep at far side. Day was hot, water co-o-old.

SolFest Solar Energy Festival Last Weekend in Ukiah

Lew has designed and redesigned our book-selling booth over the years, and he and Evan put it up Friday afternoon. There were two problems: first, was the hottest weather of the year. Secondly, previous SolFests were at the Real Goods headquarters in Hopland, with its green grass and ponds and general pleasant ambience, but the Ukiah Fairgrounds were way different. Hot and glaring. Hopefully they'll figure a way to move it back to Hopland next year.
We sold books and talked to a lot of like-minded people. One guy came up, pointed to the Shelter book, and said: “I'm a high-rise engineer in San Francisco, and I got my start with this book.”
I gave a talk on "The Half-acre Homestead in the 21st Century," what I've learned in about 50 years of home-made shelter and garden experience. I made a list of about 25 tools we use -- coffee roaster, cheese grater, table saw, garden shredder, grain grinders, etc. Not a complete list, but sampling of stuff we've found useful over the long haul. Posted at: http://www.shelterpub.com/_homestead/tools.html. I didn't take time to write reviews, just linked to further information for each item.
My laptop got trojan-horsed while I was on the road, so I couldn't post any photos for three days. Frustrating! I'm used to being able to get info out, and I love posting while traveling. now that I'm back in business, I'll put up photos from the trip.

Full Moon Fall Equinox Crystal Magic

This was Wednesday night, when I went to get something out of my truck. The moon, Jupiter below, and the green glint is the moonlight shining on the crystal at the top of Louie's shop (it's on the mast of the circular roof shown just above my truck in my posting of Sept 24, below).

A Few Photos in Ukiah This Weekend

Lew and I spent the weekend in Ukiah, manning our booth at SolFest, the solar energy festival. Ukiah is kind of a relief from the preciousness of Marin County. It's a real town, with real working people.

The Sun House, a redwood Craftsman bungalow home built in 1911 by John and Grace Hudson is adjacent to the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah.
Typical shit-kickin truck of the area…