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Teresa Lives on Her SaIilboat

"When Teresa Carey lost most of her possessions in a house fire years ago, she felt liberated. “I didn't miss a thing. It was almost like a burden lifted off my shoulders. ”
This was the first step toward a more minimalist lifestyle. The second motivating catalyst was her decision to life aboard her sailboat. Before making the move she began to downsize her stuff keeping only what would fit in her car. When she finally made her move to her 27 foot sloop she had given away or sold the majority of her belongings.
Today, Teresa lives on her sailboat Daphne with no flush toilet or shower, an icebox for a refrigerator, no television and few electronics. She doesn’t see it as a sacrifice, but as an opportunity to live a bigger life unfettered by her possessions.
In this video, Teresa gives us a tour of her boat and shows us a few days in the life of a liveaboard."

Etta James & Johnny Otis, RIP

"The world lost two musical greats this week. Etta James died today at age 73. Johnny Otis passed away on Tuesday. He was 90." - By David Pescovtiz on http://boingboing.net/ today.

Fun in the San Francisco

We had such a great day Wednesday. Country hicks in Big City. We started out at Trouble Coffee, out at the beach, my favorite caffeine cafe on the planet, went over to Mollusk Surf Shop, my fave surf shop (which has a wonderful collection of art books for sale along with surfboards and wetsuits), then down to the unique Gravel & Gold in the Mission, where Lesley's been selling hand woven shawls (and I'm going to do a Tiny Homes slide show February 24th), Lesley went to fabric and clothing stores, I roamed and shot photos. In the normal course of my day I may see a dozen people. In the city I see 1000s. I stalk with my camera, hunting. So much going on, the city is culturally vibrant, exciting these days. Having grown up there gives my visits special meaning.
Above and below: Mollusk Surf Shop

It kills me to do such dumb layout as the above, but I don't know my HTML (and don't think I'd want to spend all the time necessary to craft it the way I want it to appear). What I need is a drag-and-drop setup so I can do a paper-type layout. Any suggestions? I need quick and dirty, because I want to minimize computer time.

Mystery Lady in Driftwood Shack

We received this as a postcard a few days ago, saying "Can't wait to order my copy of Tiny Homes. Thanks for all the hard work." Can't make out the signature, it looks something like "Anne."

Spiffy Surfer Rig, Lovers in the Storm, Graffiti on Beach

On tonight's walk:
This little SUV looked so tuned in. Maybe it's a surfer with a tiny home.

Beach was wind-swept and people-less as the storm hovered offshore, except for the lovers hanging out on the groin. Tall dark handsome guy "…from Switzerland," pretty, good-vibes California girl, a nice couple. I love a deserted beach.

"All the leaves are brown,
And the sky is grey…" - Mamas and Papas on Sirius '60s radio right now. You know, this is a pretty good song.

Darran and Ann's Tiny Home on MSNBC Video

Darran Maca and Ann Holley's 192 sq. ft. self-contained"Protohaus," featured on pp. 66-67 of Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, is the subject of this new MSNBC video: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/nbc-news-channel/45941488#45941488

$500 Home in Hawaii

Also from: http://themoderncabin.com/ (which seems endless) When you click on a photo, Justin gives you the reference. This one: "Talk about shoestring budget! Chelsea Kohl, a 22-year-old native of Hawaii, built her home on her father's property for literally...$500. Featured in Dwell magazine a few months ago, this home could pass as a mixed media art installation of found objects: old wine bottles embedded in the wall, windsurf boards as part of the roof, even the flatbed part of a truck for a sleeping loft.…"

600, that Is, 600 photos of Small Cabins!

When I was working on Tiny Homes, I kept my my cards a bit close to chest. I didn't post a lot of the homes I was finding because I wanted to save them for the book. Now that the book is out, the flood gates are open,so in coming months, here we go. An example is The Modern Cabin website, run by Justin, with 600 photos of cabins. Whoa! Also, things are starting to pour in from people who have seen the book.
   Above, from Justin's website: "Cabo Polonio, a remote beach village in southeastern Uruguay, sits on a green peninsula between the Atlantic and a desert landscape of shifting sand dunes. Strewn across the grassy promontory are a single lighthouse and a few hundred whimsical dwellings. Rasta-colored flags serve as wind vanes, tinted glass bottles are embedded in walls, and exteriors are painted with pictures of suns, cow spots, rainbows and a Klimt-like rendering of a woman.…"

Interior Photos of Detachable Dutch Campers

10 days ago I posted photos of these unique campers, which can be slid off their flatbed truck beds. Alex Pino of Tiny House Talk saw the post and just posted a bunch of great photos of the interiors. They are apparently v. expensive, but also v. spiffy. 

Irene Helps Get Word Out About Tiny Homes

One of the rewarding things about this blog is running across so many kindred spirits, especially Irene Tukuafu. She and I and my wife Lesley have emailed back and forth for a year or two. Totally in tune. A few days ago, Irene sent out the below email to her list of about 200 people. Not only kind words, but the sort of thing that helps get the word out about Tiny Homes.

"Family and Folks, okay, sooooooooooooo here's a book I've waited for over a year to read for my self. I've followed this guys books for over 30 years and it's pretty much Lloyd Kahn that I got ideas on building a round house. oh yes, it evolved, but he was the start of it. I've just spent 2 hours just "glancing" at the photos.....many photos of this book. I can say that ALL OF YOU would benefit by either getting to a library or just… buy it. There is so much in here that you will learn by just looking at the photos....let alone reading it. yep, gonna read it next and it will keep me SUPER BUSY....for a long time. You will find simple ways to build CREATIVELY. a little green house, a little cabin, a house boat, a camper something. AND you'll be a knowing what other folks are doing that are NOT paying a big mortgage payment. They's doing it themselves in these tiny houses. You might not agree with the tiny house way of doing things, but you'll see things YOU CAN DO that would help you in adding onto a room or whatever you've been thinking about but just NEED SOME INSPIRATION. over 1,300 photos.

Nope, I don't work for him. Just telling you that living a creative live is a JOY and I'm grateful that I became acquainted with his books 30 years ago and I'm still thinking CREATIVELY. I'm not done building creatively and got wayyyyyyyyy too many ideas to even get to sleep tonight. ZOWIE.…"



Just What Are Ultrabooks?

"…the term "ultrabook" is essentially a marketing term that describes a new class of Intel laptops that are designed to cost under $1000 without sacrificing performance for the low price-point.…many analysts have pointed out that many ultrabooks are designed to emulate the Macbook AIr in form-factor, weight, and design, but also to compete with ARM-based tablets.…Right now, ultrabooks are designed for anyone who wants a thin, light, Windows laptop at a decent price.…"

Monster Trucks of Mexico Drug Gangs

"Built on three-axle truck beds, they had room for 20 armed men, one official said. They were covered with inch-thick steel, which could withstand 50-caliber fire, and each had been equipped with insulation.
Sanho Tree, a drug policy expert at the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington-based research group, said the vehicles reminded him of the Monitor and the Merrimack, two American warships that fought the first naval battle between ironclad ships during the Civil War.…"
Photo: Sedena, via Associated Press
Article NYT June 8, 2011 by Damien Cave: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/08/world/americas/08mexico.html?_r=3
Spotted on Boing Boing this morning

Carvings by Godfrey Stephens

Photo in this morning. Mask and bench by prolific artist and Victoria BC resident Godfrey Stephens, who's featured in Builders of the Pacific Coast (on bench).

Tons of Cabin Photos

Above: Black Butte, Oregon - 2011 - Photo by Stephen Tamiesie
There must be 3-400 photos in this collection. Thanks to Robert Massengale

Chickens by Mail, Rain By Midweek

For over 30 years we've been getting our chickens from Murray McMurray Hatchery in Webster City, Iowa. They ship day-old chicks in a ventilated flat box and you pick up this peeping package at your post office. McMurray has been in business for 95 years and their breeds are excellent.
   We get excited looking at the new catalog each year. They also have ducks, turkeys, pheasants, and quail. (Oh how I wish we had more than a half-acre!) We've gone through many breeds over the years and have now settled on bantams.


s24o's = Sub 24hour Overnight Bicycle Touring

Great concept for these busy times. Even if you can't get away for 2-3 weeks, or even a weekend, a one-night trip can be wonderfully refreshing. I've been doing it on foot, but a bike extends one's range. I come back from these 1-night trips feeling energized.
Photo by Jerome Haines at: http://shltr.net/zC9Vd8 
Suggested by Dave on my post: http://shltr.net/wiaEnz  
Dave wrote: "…Low to zero planning, quick, easy, and fun. Great way to take kids out as well and get them started. A one week camping trip may not be the best introduction, but a short overnight may be.…"

Jay Nelson's Super Lightweight Electric Car in San Francisco

Jay Nelson's electric car, the Golden Gate measures, 96″ x 54″ x 64," drives 10 miles on a charge with speeds up to 20mph.