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Bunch of Tiny Homes Pix on Pintarest

"by Kristine Goodrich/Editor
WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — They’re on wheels and not much larger than a camper.
But with a lofted bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even a front porch, Jim Wilkins’ rolling residences have all the elements of a traditional home — all cozied into less than 350 square feet.
After decades working in the construction industry, the White Bear Township entrepreneur now designs and custom builds miniature environmentally-friendly homes in his backyard workshop. He aptly calls his business Tiny Green Cabins.
Wilkins’ cabins provide a unique but expensive option for eco-minded cross-country travelers, city-dwellers seeking a cabin get-away, young adults looking for a portable first home and retirees wanting to downsize.…"http://shltr.net/tinygreen

Tent Colony in New Jersey

Came across these unique little structures while looking for some waves on the NJ coast this weekend. Thought I'd send them along:
Some good pics from a blog: http://shorechic.blogspot.com/2008/08/they-live-in-tents.html

Down A Country Lane

Last week I went for a run/walk on a trail that ran by a farm. Two women were standing gazing at the vibrant rows of spinach, lettuce, chard, and parsley. I said, "Nice, huh?" and one of them replied, "It's just lovely."
   The same evening I had a good harvest of cattail pollen. Going to mix it with freshly-ground oat flower to make bright yellow waffles, invite some lovers of native plants over for breakfast.

This is really a nice half-hour's haul of pollen. You bend the heads over and shake them into a paper bag, then release and they spring back, unharmed. Miwok food.

Correspondence, Love Letters and Advice*

I love doing this blog. The perfect medium for me. I don't have time for Facebook, and seldom tweet directly.
   I often wonder about all the time I put into it, what with having to create and sell enough books to keep this publishing ship afloat. But lately I'm realizing the payback of getting comments on just about any subject I bring up. For example, the great comments I've gotten on home theater systems, music, where to go in Brooklyn, places to skate. Really, I've acted on lots of these comments, they've steered me in good directions. So thank you guys.
*This was the title of the "Letters to the Editor" section of the Rolling Stone newspaper in the '60s-'70s.

I'm Giving Out Mini Books Tonight in Pt. Reyes

The last (for a while) of the Tiny Homes roadshow will be tonight in Pt. Reyes Station. I'll bring along a bunch of our mini books (2" x 2", sparkling* tiny book of 32 pages) to give away. People absolutely love this little things. It's like giving away candy. We printed 7,000 and most of them are gone. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and pick up a few -- you don't have to stay for the slide show.
Point Reyes Station, California/Pt. Reyes Books-Thursday, July 5, 7:30PM, at the Point Reyes Presbyterian Church.
Photo: Godfrey Stephens
*Hats off to our printers, Paramount/Book Art, Inc., Hong Kong, for pulling this off. The binding is even sewn.

How Home Work Changed Alan's Life

Dear Lloyd,
Please find a short video of Scott saying how you changed his life:
And here is one of his yurt in Tiny Homes;
All best wishes,
On behalf of Scott Evans

Tiny Solar-Thermal System for Tiny Home

"…Tiny houses don’t have much room on their tiny roofs, and that’s a problem when it comes to finding space for solar panels, let alone a combined solar power system that can generate both electricity and heat. However, help is on the way in the form of a new compact photovoltaic thermal energy system under development at Michigan Technological University, and it could help make off-grid solar power more cost-effective for larger buildings, too.…"

The Front Fell Off

"Mock interview from the 1990's in the wake of a shipping accident off the coast of Australia."
Why does this remind me of corporate spokesmen?
Sent us by Paul Wingate

Bamboo Roof in Thailand

An old friend from Stanford, Rod Fairbairn-Smith is an architect in San Francisco, and just sent me this email and some photos.

"Sharon Cox, Architect, who works with us, just came back from Thailand where she took these photos.  Hardly simple, highly rehearsed prior to construction, far from wood butcher, this seems in a low mass, highly ventilated, tropical spirit that probably works fairly well at 100% humidity, 100º F.…"

Yurt Interior - Guided tour

"A low impact home made from natural materials whilst staying well within our comfort zone. Made with four layers of cotton, canvas and felted sheep wool. Situated on a raised wooden deck with running water, a wood burning stove, electric lighting and more. www.HandmadeMatt.com"

Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local

"…For Jenny and Alex Smith, both 25, a couple since they met in college — now first-year farmers on a tiny plot about an hour north of Seattle — the economic equation comes down to lowering costs and needs.
   They live in a recreational vehicle with no television or Internet service, and they hope to break even this year, earning perhaps $1,600 a month through farmers’ markets and subscriptions for weekly produce packages, so far mostly from friends and family. But they say a farming life still feels, to them, full of promise. They had boring office jobs in Seattle, they said, and now they have a farm dog named Banjo.…" http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/02/us/small-scale-farmers-creating-a-new-profit-model.html?_r=1
By Kirk Johnson, NY Times, July 1, 2012

2-Part Review of Tiny Homes in Urban Times

Extensive review of Tiny Homes by Robin Tierney in this online magazine. There's even a short video (that I've never seen before) of our featured builder Mike Basich jumping out of a helicopter at 100 feet on his snowboard. http://www.theurbn.com/2012/07/tiny-homes-part-2/

Tiny Homes Slide Show/Book Signings Pt. Reyes Station July 5th

Thursday night I'm doing my 15th (and the last for a while) Tiny Homes slideshow, talk, and book signing in conjunction with Pt. Reyes Books, a community supported bookstore in Point Reyes Station, California. Thursday, July 5,7:30pm, at the Point Reyes Presbyterian Church. I begin these events by talking about all the things that were going on in the 60s in San Francisco (before the “Summer of Love,” when things were already falling apart), working on the Whole Earth Catalog, and starting my publishing career with two books on dome building, then show slides and discuss the builders and buildings in the book. I'll also highlight what I've learned working on this subject and this book, why I think tiny homes are so popular right now, and who I think they are appropriate for.

Ziggy's Timber Framing Workshop

"Hey Lloyd:
Our recent Timber Framing Workshop went amazingly well and was a huge blast. The students had a fantastic time. We got an incredible amount of work done on our new timber frame home, especially considering we used hand tools exclusively, and most participants had little or no prior experience. Wow!
   Here's a slideshow of the event that I wanted to share with you:
   We did everything from traditional square rule layout, to lofting with daisy wheel layout (just like illiterate French carpenters of old used), and everything in-between.
   Your books were no doubt an inspiration for us to do timber frame construction, especially Builders of the Pacific Coast.
   - ziggy"
See: The Year of Mud: http://www.theyearofmud.com
(Ziggy's Cob Cottage is featured on pp. 110-113 of Tiny Homes.)

GoPro HD: Mike Basich - A Snowboard Journey Through the Northwest

Mike is the star builder in Tiny Homes. See pp. 2-11.

Tahiti Barrel Vision: Mark Healey - Quiksilver Waterman Collection

Prefab Amish Shed

Just received:
Hi Lloyd,
We have just finished this 8’ x 11’ Amish cottage.  The Amish supplied the timber frame and we erected it and completed it with siding, cedar roofing, and exterior stucco. We finished off the interior with 2" rigid insulation between beams and in-wall electric wiring. We plan to display it at our “Mini Barn Raising” later this summer in Bridgehampton, New York -- illustrating how a traditional timber-frame structure can be used for many purposes. We will send photos of the barn-raising for you to add to your blog.  We are working on a kit that can be sent to anywhere in the United States. It would include a pre-cut mortise and tenon jointed frame like this, oak pegs and a wooden mallet.
   You can also learn more about Jeanie and David Stiles by going to their website:  http://www.stilesdesigns.com/. They have authored over 20 books on do-it-yourself building projects.

David and Jeanie Stiles