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Apparently Lloyd has moved to BC

 My friend Michael McNamara, who lives on Hornby Island, sent me this and said that he and Sally didn't know I'd moved to Hornby and would I like to come over for dinner. Joking.
   I think the confusion might be that I covered my favorite builder, Lloyd House, in the Tiny Homes book. Lloyd lives in a converted van on Hornby.
   I mean, if I did move somewhere, Hornby would be at the top of the list, but I'm still here in NorCal, living in a house I built 40 years ago.

Article here.

Harmony Farm Supply and National Heirloom Expo

We had a great day yesterday. North into farmland, to Sebastapol and the Harmony Farm Supply, what a great place. Good tools, good additives, seeds, irrigation, etc. No foul chemical smells. Knowledgeable staff.
   Then to the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. Unique event. Yesterday was the last of 3 days (Tues-Wed-Thurs). Tons of different heirloom fruits, vegetables, cheeses, on and on… goats, sheep, cows, turkeys and a huge display of bantam chickens. Food booths (and samples) up the kazoo. It's a very together farming, gardening, food preparation and preservation show. Real food and respect-for-earth concepts and practices have come a long way in the last 25 years -- progress. I'm going to this for sure next year, and we'll probably get a booth and sell building books. Our kinda people.
   Back through Petaluma and Heritage Salvage, huge amount of recycled lumber, including some stunning old barn timbers.
  Got a lot of good pics yesterday, no time to do anything other than this with 3 of them:
This was on back road between Petaluma and Sebastapol.

Real tomatoes

Bantam Silver Spangled Hamburg
raised by Janelle Thope

Cabin in Swedish Countryside

"Cabin near Tärnasjö Lake, Laponia, Sweden. Submitted by Markus Hjärne."

Publisher Heading Into Non-electronic World

I'm taking off next week on what I plan to be a 7-8 day backpacking trip in local territory. I haven't done seriously backpacking for decades, so not sure how it will turn out, but it's a trip I've been thinking about for years. Got a 2-1/2 lb tent, titanium pots, beautiful Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, freeze-dried food…equipment I couldn't have dreamed of back in the 60s with Kelty pack and lots of poundage in Tuolomne Meadows and Big Sur forays.
   I'll be away from electronics, not to mention electricity, for a week. Paul Wingate used to talk about going to a remote cabin in the woods and getting away from "the 60-cycle hum."
   I've put up posts so there should be one a day while I'm gone. A friend asked yesterday, will you be taking pictures. Ha!

Fisherman Survives Day at Sea in Crate

"A 19-year-old fisherman was rescued off the coast of Alaska Saturday after spending more than 24 hours adrift in a 4-by-4 foot plastic fish crate.…" Click here.

Eagle Owl Coming In For Dinner

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post (on owl—see post below).

Here is an Eagle Owl coming at you at 1000 per second http://www.dogwork.com/owfo8/

Lightnin' Hopkins

Song: Rock Me Baby

Album: "Lightnin' Hopkins"

Demise of a Barn Owl

Friends of mine on the coast have a large garden and goats. Two nights ago they found this little barn owl dead in the goat yard. They're pretty sure it was the work of a Great Horned Owl, a much larger (and territorial) owl. A raccoon got at it last night, and someone had taken the wings, and they were going to bury the remains. So I grabbed it. Look at those claws!
These are beautiful creatures, with a white face mask outlined with a heart-shaped ring of dark feathers (lower part of which you see here). I'm going to render the skull (boiling to remove flesh, immerse in ammonia for 10 days, clean some more, then in strong (35%) hydrogen peroxide to whiten).

Drawing of Sampan

From Godfrey Stephens this morning:
"Ahoy Lloyd
Here is a great Little drawing i found of a Sampan
Literally meaning
the general name for these small Junks
found in China everywhere in the Olden times.
amiGuf "
Godfrey's 12' San Francisco Pelican junk-rigged sailboat with cabin, sliding Lexan roof, tiny wood stove, painted, carved, decorated—-just finished and launched—will appear in our next book, Wheels & Water. Godfrey is about to set sail in British Columbia waters this Fall and I'm sure he'll send me 100s of photos and 1000s of words, all for me to distill into 2 pages. This is a gorgeous little boat!

Tiny Log Cabin on Water in South Carolina $180K

"The property is stunning, secluded, woodsy and has a serene, calm feeling to it. Gently sloping lot. The cabin has an old time charm for the owner who wants to enjoy their weekend without the every day comforts in today’s newer homes. The cabin is a log cabin – fishing cabin built from Kentucky Cypress with wood burning fireplace, wood stove and 2 out buildings for storage. Dock can be extended out towards center of cove for another 10 – 12 feet…"
Click here.

Using a Computer Before Bed Can Disrupt Sleep

"THE FACTS In today’s gadget-obsessed world, sleep experts often say that for a better night’s rest, Americans should click the “off” buttons on their smartphones and tablets before tucking in for the night. Electronic devices stimulate brain activity, they say, disrupting your ability to drift off to sleep. But according to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 90 percent of Americans regularly use a computer or electronic device of some kind in the hour before bed.
Increasingly, researchers are finding that artificial light from some devices at night may tinker with brain chemicals that promote sleep. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute showed that exposure to light from computer tablets significantly lowered levels of the hormone melatonin, which regulates our internal clocks and plays a role in the sleep cycle.

Tiny Monk's Retreat by Dylan Hartley in the UK

"This tranquil monastic retreat is known as St Mellangell’s cell at the Monastery of St Antony & St Cuthbert, Gatten, Shropshire.
   Over the last 15 years, Dylan has worked on a number of projects at the monastery. Recently we have completed refurbishment of the chapter house as a guest kitchen, refectory and bathroom facility.
   The pictures of St Mellangell’s cell – completed some years ago under the instructions of the monk in residence – are of particular interest. Materials used were collected from demolition building projects though the cell was clad with douglas fir. The cell has a reclaimed maple floor." http://dylanhartley.com/2011/02/monastic-retreat-stiperstones-shropshire/
From Ian Price

Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Bricks

Just a few drops last week in our rain-challenged state. I was surprised when I checked my rain figures that we had 24" last year, but 41" the year before. I'm hoping we get more rain this year. The early drops of rain like this are heavenly…the smell…the most wonderful example of this is rain in the Baja California desert. When the rain comes, it's in big quantities. You can almost watch the desert bloom, and it's ambrosial.

Camera Reminiscences

On Mondays I get to be by myself in the office (studio) and when I get the biz part of the day over with, I get the caffeine and music going and see where it leads. This morning started out gloomy chilly foggy, but around 10 the sun broke through, and I started looking through my photos. I have one or more cameras with me at practically all times and I can't begin to comprehend the 10s of 1000s of images I have. One of these days…
   My first photo, taken with a Kodak Baby Brownie when I was 12, was of Puddles the hippo at the San Francisco Zoo. Next when I went on a 3-month motorscooter (Lambretta) trip through Europe in 1957 was a Rolleicord (cheap version of Rolliflex). I spent 2 years in the USAF in '58-'60 as editor of a base newspaper (Sembach AFB, near Kaiserslautern, Germany) and the secret service had a Leica they weren't using and let me borrow it. (There's just something unique about those black and whites.)
   Next in the early '60s I got a Nikon 35mm, then a Nikkor. I shot '60s culture, and always, buildings. Then along came the Olympus OM-1. It was 50% smaller than the Nikons, with equal lens quality, and I ended up with a full arsenal of OM-1s and lenses.

Japanese Forest House by Brian Schulz, Northern Oregon Coast

This is just a lovely project; click here.
From Ian Price

Wheels & Water Book Is, Er, Rolling

Each book is a different experience. With Tiny Homes, I gathered material for about a year, then started putting it together. With this book, I'm doing layout as material comes in, and have about 20 pages done. Each day is exciting. Such good stuff! Working title: Wheels & Water: Tiny Homes On the Move
   If you know of a housebus, housetruck, trailer, camper, houseboat, sailboat, tugboat, other nomadic unit being lived in, email us at: photos@shelterpub.com. There's still time (and space).