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Great Slide Show of Cob Houses

This has had 275,000 views.
By photographer Warren Kirilenko, Boiling Frog Productions™
www.wkphotography.ca/ www.BoilingFrogProductions.com

Sarah Built Her Own Tiny Home

"With refurbished pallets and thrift store finds this tiny house became a reality as a part of one woman's masters degree. Sarah McNair studied environmental management and decided to build this 210 square foot house for her thesis project. She and her father did most of the labor to build this fully functioning home that can be transported on the back of the trailer. It comes with a kitchen (with full-sized oven), loft style bedroom, and all sorts of earthy gizmos (e.g. solar panel, composting toilet). McNair is hoping to sell the house to pay off the loan she took out to be able to build it. But until that happens she's showing it at various festivals and conferences to build awareness for the tiny house movement." http://dc.curbed.com/tags/tiny-houses

Memphis Slim - Sassy Mae


Finally back to work on Wheels & Water book, after two trips. Today doing 4 pages on a young woman living on (and sailing) her own sailboat. I've got about 15 or so pages lined up to lay out now. Such good stuff.

Round Cob & Thatch Barn in Chile

From Joel Glanzberg

Youngest Ever Tiny Homes Book Reader

From Michael McNamara in British Columbia: "…Here's a photo of our granddaughter Bella reading her copy of Tiny Homes at her first birthday party.…"

Expedition Rig For Sale in Colorado

Hi Lloyd, I'm loving your blog. It has helped me slow down and enjoy things I would have passed over before. I know you're assembling your new land and water book and can't wait to see it!
   In the last year I've been building and living in my expedition rig which I've fashioned using an older trailer that I rebuilt using tiny house techniques. I removed the axle and lifted it onto a big cab-forward truck. My four year old came up with the name MoonBug and it has taken us around for the past year. We've been able to climb and enjoy our beautiful southwest using Moonbug.
   I am recently married and my wife has a house that I've moved into, so I'm no longer living in MoonBug, but thought it was right up your alley anyway. My wife and I are hoping to have a baby soon so I'm putting the MoonBug up for sale, since there will be four of us, and I know it may strike a chord with some of your readers so I thought you might be able to mention it in your blog. Here is where I have some pictures of my former home: www.photobucket.com/bigfuso
   Thanks! Mick Longley Durango, CO/micklongley@gmail.com

The Most Stunning Photos of 2012

Illuminated snow tunnel in Russia
"Reddit user stoopidtrooper posted this gallery of 48-images from photo sharing site Imgur several  months ago." http://imgur.com/a/YAPNn
Sent us by Bill Castle

North House Folk School

Just got their new catalog. This is an amazing school on the banks of Lake Superior, with classes on boat building, blacksmithing, basketry, sailing, building, foods and a lot more. If you (or your kids) want to learn some of the almost-forgotten skills and crafts, I recommend checking them out: http://www.northhouse.org/

Richard Proenneke’s Wilderness Log Cabin

Gorgeous photos of tiny homes on this website: http://freecabinporn.com/ 
See also: http://beaverbrook.com/

Airstream Trailer For Rent Berkeley $750/month

Offered for 7 months: Full size bed Pull out couch for additional guest bed Wrap around window for great natural light Full Original Kitchen in good condition Brand new medium-sized electrical refrigerator Heat and AC BRAND NEW HARDWOOD FLOORS Full bathroom with shower, toilet and sink Tons of storage for clothes, food The trailer is in perfect living condition and requires little to no maintenance Emily - 415 994 9337
-From Abbey Phalen

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Yesterday I drove to Petaluma to shoot photos at the Tin Can Tourist trailer rally. This is a group founded in 1919 and these days it's all about vintage trailers. http://www.tincantourists.com/
  I shot a bunch of homes in Petaluma and some farm buildings in the countryside, and also got photos of 3 trailers that will go in our Wheels & Water book. I'll post some photos of Petaluma homes and countryside in the next few days.

Ultralight Backpacking/Rental Tools

I recently sent Kevin Kelly some info on going light and he replied:
"The premier site is Backpacking LIght, which is a paid subscription site! Backpackinglight.com
   Also good is Brian Green's. He is very creative. http://www.briangreen.net/ http://www.briangreen.net/2012/09/roundup-of-my-posts-on-lifehackercom.html 
   But the granddaddy of ultralights is Ray Jardine. Look at his trips! Applachian Trail 7 times, Pacific Crest 3 times, Divide Trail, 3 ties, bike across America 3 times, row across ocean, ski to north pole, he's insane. He makes his own gear super lightweight gear and recommends you do the same. http://www.rayjardine.com/index.shtml"
Also, check out an excellent in-depth review of rental tools on Kevin's Cool Tools site (stump grinder $100/day, posthole digger $80/day, log splitter $100/day, etc.): http://kk.org/cooltools/archives/7072