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Tiny Chapel in Mississippi Woods

Lloyd, I saw this tiny chapel in the woods while driving around southern Mississippi this weekend. I thought you might be interested. Regards, Theodore Scott

Step-by-Step Tiny Home Design & Construction

"Hey Lloyd, I recently discovered this blog on the trials and tribs of a small house life from the beginning thru construction to living the life…quite inspirational..unknown if you want to post it or not..just spent the better part of my evening going from one 'newer post' to the next…
anyway take care,  enjoyed your 70-ish post…I'm not too far behind you… Mike W ME/CA"

Old School Bus Turned Into A Tiny House

"I was recently sent these photos of an old school bus turned into a tiny house on wheels. The bus was completely remodeled and lined with a beautiful wood interior. It was recently sold to a young couple that has made it their home in the North Cascades.
   While it’s doubtful this bus is good on gas, having the ability to move your home where you’d like and travel with it is very appealing.
   This little home looks so inviting that I could imagine them living in this converted bus long-term."
-Steven, on Tiny House Listings

Snowboarders' tiny mobile home

"Some skiers and boarders will do anything for powder -- even live in a tiny house with four other people. Last year, five riders went on a quest across the western US and Canada living in a mobile tiny house with only 22.4 square feet per person. Towed by an old truck, the Outdoor Research-sponsored team lived it up for two months on the road.…" From Inhabitat today

Popular Mechanics Magazines from the 1930s

Last week, Gill sent in a comment on a post I did last year. It was a link to an old Popular Science Magazine, and I replied that I had looked through the entire issue. To which Gill responded as below:

Gill has left a new comment on your post "Vintage Transport":
Here are just a few or so... Like you I get caught up scrolling and seeing all kinds of stuff... Solar energy articles from the 30's... gotta love it huh?

Camping Trailer PM May 58 pg 149

Unusual Little Sailboat

Forwarded by Godfrey Stephens just now:
Subject: Galalweil, out of Port Townsend
Godzooks Stephens, master of many hulls n cabins
Here be that vessel I was telling you about last weekend.
I'm lookin for godfreytype pics. More later.

Adventure Motorcycle Riding

This is a great website with great photos: http://www.advrider.com/

Master Carpentry in San Francisco

You just don't see this level of skill in anything being built nowadays. This is in the Mission District.

Dylan Got Shelter at Age 4

Dylan Friedman stopped in at our booth at the Green Festival yesterday and said that his Mom had given him Shelter when he was 4 years old. He said he had called it "my picture book," and it and Winnie the Pooh were his two favorite books. He said he'd looked at the pictures when he was tiny, and built his 1st yurt when he was 21, and was now, as a result of that early inspiration, a green builder in NY.

Tiny (300 Sq. Ft.) Mandala Home in Canada

"Franklin Residence - "Quietude" - A Mandala - Built in 1999
The Program: To design and build a furnished residence for a single person within a severely limited budget of $28,000 Cdn. complete, that at the same time had the spirit to exalt the human soul.
   This was accomplished by analyzing the home functions and distilling these to the essentials in philosophy and fact with sustainable and healthy architecture…
   Even with such an extreme budget as this, it is possible to build an environmentally sound home that enhances the Joy, Life and Soul of humans.
   A quote from the Architect's recent book states "We are building sacred places, as distinct from profane places, to add layers of experience and importance to life patterns.…"
   The architect is Henry Yorke Mann, in British Columbia, Canada.

Tom Greenway's Blog from Woods in UK

Tom Greenway has left a new comment on your post "$1,000 Tiny Shed From Costco":

"Hi Lloyd, thanks for your great blog, here is mine http://1000months.blogspot.co.uk/ weirdly I'm a book publisher, skateboarder and hope to build a small space in my wood soon too! Anyway the main reason I'm writing this is to tell you about this UK tv series that I thought you would enjoy on small builds, can you view it online in the states? George Clarke-Amazing Spaces
-cheers Tom"

Can't view the above in  the US, but check out Tom's blog (above), described as: "Tom Greenway's blog on publishing, entrepreneurship, outdoor activities, extreme sports, woodland ownership, crafts, giving back and generally trying to cram as much into your life as possible!"

I'm Not the Man I Used to Be

I don't think anyone over 70 reads this blog, so to all of you out there, there's good and bad news. The good: you aren't 70 yet. The bad: you will be.
   Things got way more difficult physically at seven-oh. Injuries more frequently, and they take longer to heal. Hand/finger coordination more difficult. With shoulder problems I can't do a pull up, and I used to do 10. Just general difficulty in things that used to be easy. I had real difficulty in climbing over a high cylone fence recently. I get out of a car more slowly; never used to think about it. The indignity of it all!
   Plus, I'm bored with "working out." If 'd go to a gym regularly, it would solve a lot of problems; I certainly know the drill. But there's so many other things I'd rather be doing. No more training for running races/b-o-r-i-n-g. What do to do? Hiking, exploring, paddleboarding when this shoulder gets functioning. I want to get "exercise" while exploring/having fun, so I'm in a new world of activities to keep some kind of body/mind balance. Working on it.
   I've been pretty active all my life, and a lot of the problems are from wear and tear. There's another approach: at my (60th) high school reunion last month, one of the guys told me he had just rented a city condo, and he could drive his car into the garage and take an elevator that opened in front of his front door. He'd given up.

More San Francisco Mission District Graffiti

Barista Art at Ritual Roasters This Morning

Youngest Ever Reader of Tiny Homes

This guy came into our booth yesterday and I handed him a mini book. He promptly passed it over his shoulder to his kid. I expected the kid to drop it, but no, he started looking at it while working on his pacifier. This is Phoenix Davidson; parents are Michael & Angelica Davidson.

A Real Circumambulation of the Pt. Reyes Peninsula

"Hi Lloyd, I read about your attempted trip around Point Reyes and got really inspired to try it myself. My girlfriend and I, plus a couple of friends in Point Reyes Station, are currently making plans and building out our ultralight kits. In our studies we came across this page and thought you might find it interesting: Click here. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration, keep it up! -Sean"