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Disconnecting Annoying Auto Bells

I asked a local mechanic, who has helped me with my trailer lights, and disconnected the seat belt warning bells in my '88 Toyota truck. "I can't do it, it's a computer,"he said. "These cars, they want to drive you."

I believe in wearing a seat belt and I want to put it on when I fuckin want to and not be nagged by 6 -- count 'em --6 bells. One-minute pause and 6 more bells. Sheee-it. Plus I don't need to be hassled about leaving keys in car. Panicky continuous loud beep beep beep. (I've got spare key in magnetic box under car.)

Anyone know how to circumvent this audio bullying?

On the Road July 2013

 I seldom travel north on the coast in summertime. I prefer the dark and tourist-light winter. I like it up here. I've got roots: my dad used to fish the Gualala river in the early 1900s.

Lots of camping cyclists on the roads, most of them awkwardly, non-aerodynamically loaded down. (By contrast, check out Rick Huffan's gear here (I photographed him up here last year).

Marin county is soft and gentle and as such, has a trace of the -- dare I say it? -- insipid. As I head north, the men and women seem tougher, stronger. Life is tougher (colder, wetter) the farther north you go, and people have to deal with that. It's more country. On radio, going down a country road yesterday, Merle: "I've got everything I need to drive me crazy…" Some times when I'm on the road: the music, road, trees, sky, the moving through space -- it's a movie!

Swinging Doors by Merle Haggard on Grooveshark

Thursday in the Woods

Been swimming in the river each day. Yesterday Louie helped me in making a fur coat out of my animal skins: 2 bobcats, 3 foxes, a raccoon, we're still undecided about the skunk. His grandfather had been a tailor, so he knew what to do. I put on an old vest, we got the skins in place, then pinned to the vest. Next we'll get Lesley's experienced input. It really looks good. Fur (and heads) on the outside. Going to take a while. I'll only wear it at home.
Pic is my hideout at Louie's.


They are thick on this part of the coast this week. Apparently the krill are here, the bait fish eating them, and the salmon eating the bait fish. These guys had just brought in maybe 35 fish, in the 15-25 lb. range. A friend of Louie's had caught over 50 a few days earlier. What a start to the commercial season! I learned a lot watching these fishermen cleaning salmon. They were taking them to a jobber in Fort Bragg. Getting $5/lb. whole (gutted) fish.

I asked one guy why he thought they were back, he said maybe because they had the season closed for four years. I said what about all the work done on the rivers in recent years, he said I don't know, but God has just put these fish out in the ocean this year.

Louie and I had barbecued salmon with Titsch and Rosario last night. It's so different when eaten the day of catch!

State of the Blog -- The Day After

It occurred to me last night that it's going to get pretty repetitious for me to call all these short posts "Daily Flash." "Daily Flash #146..."
So I'll keep up with shorter more frequent posts, and they will be daily flashes, but I won't title every one that way.

Floating School in Nigeria

"The 'Makoko Floating School,' a triangular form in section constructed with a parallel series of timber A-frames on a platform supported by emptied blue barrels. The 3-story structure contains classrooms on the middle level in enclosed volumes flanked by public green space and playground below, and an additional open-air rooftop classroom above.
   Rooftop PV cells on the roof collect solar energy, and coupled with water catchment systems, make the dynamic educational facility partially self sustainable.
   Slender wooden slats create a shading device along the outer envelope along with well-ventilated spaces to maintain a comfortable interior environment.…"
By NSE Architects
From Designboom here.

Daily Flash #4 -- Foggy Gate

Summer fog has finally taken over. Heading into San Francisco on Golden Gate Bridge one morning last week. Going under south tower.

Daily Flash # 3 - Teched Out

Hey I think I like this. Short and snappy. Quicker, easier more frequent. It's hard to break the essay habit.
I've got about as many digital tools as I need for a good while.
-11" MacAir
-iPhone 5 (with Seri)
-Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 pocket camera
-Mac Mini hooked up to TV(although I haven't really started using it yet)
-GOgroove FlexSmart X2 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth

Daily Flash # 2 - Louie's House Yesterday Afternoon

Daily Flash #1

Stopped at Tomales Bay Oyster Company Tuesday and picked up a dozen small oysters from Gina Warren, shown here. I gave her a mini Tiny Homes book. She looked at it in delight, laughed and, like a lot of young people, said she'd been thinking about tiny homes.
"Nice hair."
"I curl it myself."

State of the Blog -- Eureka!! -- Course Correction

Rolling down the road on this trip, I realized that I've been putting up less personal posts (my own discoveries wandering through the world) lately and more 3rd-party stuff.
   Each morning I go out and check email and blog comments first thing, then post what's of interest -- a lot of tiny homes, gardening stuff. Then I don't get around to posting my own photos and reports -- both of which there are many -- and having you readers ride shotgun with me. After all, I Am A Camera.)
   I've got a logjam backup of content -- so I've decided to try posting something of my own each day (pic and/or text). I'll start by calling it The Daily Flash (may be able to give it better title). I'm thinking more shorter posts interspersed with the same type daily 3rd-party posts I've been doing lately. Hey, aren't attention spans shorter all the time? (Just occurs to me this is slightly analogous to current discoveries of the value of shorter, more frequent exercise.)
   A course correction in this seeming compulsion I have to communicate. Here we go.

Trip North Along The Coast

I took off Tuesday in my car (Honda Fit, such a pleasure to drive) heading north along the coast. Overcast day, the colors best then (blue-sky sunny days wash out the color). Visual treat as i headed along the country roads, subtle colors, summer gold of the hills, green patches where there's a bit of moisture; bales of hay, sheep grazing.
  Gotta admit, I like driving (Calif. boy, started at age 14). With Sirius radio. Away from office and phones, mind can wander.
  Turned on Outlaw Country for truckdrivin music -- bingo! The Meat Purveyors singing "Burr Under My Saddle," all the reasons she's (they're) dumping this guy… next song, "Zip-i-dee-doo-dah," -- "wonderful feeling, wonderful day." Upbeat. The Coasters doing fabulous version of "Zing Went the

Strings of My Heart." Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart by The Coasters on Grooveshark This all put me in my best polyanna mode. Glass half full. Acc-en-chu-ate the positive. Can't help it, optimism's part of my m.o.
   There must have been 100 boats out along the coast. The salmon are back in a big way. They're fat and large. Best in a dozen years. Guys catching them out of kayaks. Good news in this bad-news-filled world. The ocean here is healthy.

Egg-shaped Wooden Houseboat

"Located in in the estuary of the river beaulieu UK, The Egg is a place to stay and a laboratory for studying the life of a tidal creek, a collecting and collating centre with integral storage & display areas.
      The structure, built using boat building techniques and local materials, features a bed, a desk, a small stove, and a wet room.
   It will take on the patina of 730 daily tides below the water line, and 365 days of weathering by wind, rain and bleaching by the sun above."
From Designboom, here.
Sent us by John Kaay

Swedish Wooden Toy

From Lew Lewandowski

Tiny Round Home in England

A round house in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. (Stephen Horncastle, Wikimedia Commons)
Click here.

Lawn Gardens, Food Forests, and Permaculture

"When I posted '7 no-cost ways to grow more food from your veggie garden,' one commenter argued that mulching was not a good strategy—suggesting that gardeners should plant polycultures instead, following the principles of permaculture.
   While I'd dispute the idea that there is one "right" way of gardening, or that mulching and polycultures, or mulching and permaculture for that matter, are mutually exclusive, I do agree on one matter. Understanding permaculture design—which can loosely be described as a design discipline informed by principles observed in nature—can definitely make you a better gardener…"
From TreeHugger here.
Sent us by Mike W

Raised Bed with Slide Out Table for Tiny Homes

From Tiny House Pins here.

Funnel Wall Plays Music during Rain

"Located in Dresden, Germany, the small colorful house is built with some funnels on the wall and they’ll create charming (really?!) musical sound whenever the rain comes. Due to that interesting and unique idea, the wall is also one of the most enjoyable attractions in Dresden’s student district in the new town."
Click here.
From Anonymous