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Small Home, Small Town, Oregon

Simple roof shape, easy-to-build dormer for light in 2nd story, shady porch…

101 Alpacas on Oregon Farm

Actually, it's more like 120 alpacas here. I ran across this wonderful operation last week in the Willamette Valley south of Portland. For one thing, they grow barley sprouts to feed the animals—25 tons a year—something they tell me is being done on large scale by some dairies, especially in Europe. It's not all the food for the animals (they also graze), but a significant amount—high in protein, produced on site, a win-winner. No fossil fuels used.

They were shearing the alpacas and I shot photos.
Wings and A Prayer, 18100 S. Hwy. 99W, Amity, OR 97101

Foster's Treehouse (#5)

You get to the first treehouse (where Foster lives) up a steep ladder, then from here, up a glue-lam-beam curved staircase to a middle hexagonal platform (where in the photo of Foster, we were sitting and watching the sun set over the tree tops). From there it's a bouncy (scary) cable walkway to the upper hexagonal treehouse (2nd photo), where I slept in the loft. Carpentry everywhere is meticulous—tight joints. even of compound miters. This ain't scruffy hippy carpentry.

Foster Huntington's Treehouse (#4)

I'm just starting to work my next book, Small Homes, and still swamped catching up with all the notes I made to my recent trips to NYC and Oregon. My problem right now is too much “content.”

An example is Foster Huntington's quite incredible compound built on a knoll in the Columbia River Gorge, about 45 minutes northeast of Portland. I wish I had time to do a feature article on this treehouse/skate park/hot tub complex that has a 360° view, which includes the (white) tip of Mount Hood and the Multnomah Falls (500+ feet tall)—I'll get around to it eventually.

In coming days I'll put up photos from my visit with Foster. If you're interested, here are a couple of links to Foster's latest projects, a film on Vimeo chronicling the months of treehouse construction, as well as his KickStarter campaign for a book on the same subject, which has already generated (ulp!) $58,000 (his goal was $30,0000).